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Standard Brake Disc price

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Honda 45251SB2661 good quality brake disc
Location:Front Axle
Height:44 mm
Diameter:231 mm
Centering Diameter:61 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter:100 mm
Brake Disc Thickness:12 mm
Minimum Thickness:10 mm
Number Of Holes:4
Solid Or Vented:S
Weight:3.3 kg
According to the performance and driving speed becomes higher and higher for autos,to improve the stability of braking,disc brake is the trend for brake system.As the disc is exposed in the air,so it has good heat radiation ability.When the car is at high speed driving,or brakes at short times many times,the feasibility of the braking is not decline to make better braking effects.It enhances the safety of the autos.
Also,due to the fast reaction of the brake disc,it has the ability to make the high frequency braking.So a lot of autos uses disc brake and ABS system,or match with the VSC,TCS system,to meet the requirement of fast braking
The holes of the disc have strong traction ability.The reaction of the brake system is faster and effective.Actually,as the disc has higher friction coefficient.So it ensured the brake feasibility at the preliminary step.
If you're interested in the painted colored carbon racing brake disc rotor, welcome to buy the quality product with our factory. As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, we also offer the wholesale service with competitive price.Standard Brake Disc price


asked Dec 14, 2017 by hjyxwz

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